Saturday, March 17, 2012

I may be ready for the Solvang Double

I'd somehow let my weight climb to the point that when the year started I'd crept back up to 160 and a bit more. I needed a goal, and I figured signing up for the Solvang Double Century would put the fear of failure into me and motivate me to train and lose some weight. I'm hoping it worked. The ride is a week away now and I think I might be ready. 
  • I've got my weight down to 142. That's kind of fun as I now have clothes that didn't used to fit that do now.
  • I pretty much gave up beer and zinfandel to loose the weight, which hasn't been easy.
  • I've followed Chris Carmichael's "Time Crunched Cyclist" training program as much as I could.
  • I've done the intervals with a heart rate monitor and bike commuted my 16 mile round trip every day.
  • I've done voodoo nutrition with Hammer supplements for the last two month.
  • I bought a new cassette with slightly lower gears (12-30 instead of 11-28.)
  • I installed nice new Schwalbe Ultremo tires and fancy latex tubes on my Roval SL 25 wheels.
  • I installed a high-end Wipperman chain and put new cleats on my shoes today.
I've done what I can do.  Even with this annoying cold I didn't loose training or gain weight. I'll try a hard ride or trainer session Sunday, then taper for Saturday. My goal isn't to hammer, just to finish feeling reasonably good.

If it works, I'll have enough data to decide if it's wise, or possible, to proceed with my next cycling goal.

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  1. Jaime3:28 PM

    Good luck on the race! :) I have the same annoying cold and unfortunately, I missed some of my work out routine. haha.


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