Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Devil Mountain of Doom?

The devil mountain double of death ride registration.

DMDYep. I did it. I signed up for the Devil Mountain Double Century.

I've agonized over this sine January. Can I do it? Should I try. In the end, the deciding factor was "I'm not getting any younger."

From the description on the Triple Crown site: "On this ride, you'll have the opportunity of climbing Mt. Diablo and Mt. Hamilton in the San Ramon area. Certainly "not for the faint of heart", this ride is a major challenge for sure!!

Mt. Diablo was listed by BICYCLING magazine as one of the ten toughest climbs in America. Mt. Diablo rises 3,200 feet in 10.5 miles to a height of 3,849 feet. Mt. Hamilton will have you climb 2,100 feet in just 7 miles to the 4,100 foot peak.

Sierra Road will be your biggest test: not only is it incredibly steep, climbing 1,800 Feet in 3.2 Miles, but it comes after 150 miles!!

Most of this ride is very rural, very scenic, and very low on traffic. The terrain is unspoiled and rugged. If you like to climb and are ready for a real challenge, this ride's for you!!"

Notice that I used a Christmas stamp with the baby Jesus on it. Pray for me.

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  1. Hi Curtis, I'm seriously thinking about doing Devil Mountain this year. Like you, I'm not getting any younger! Haven't sent the Quacks my money yet . . . I could still back out!
    Rick / OCRR


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