Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Net loss, Strava

I hit a giant benchmark today. Though I weigh on my home digital scales, I can't help but think the balance-beam, doctor-style scales in my college locker room are the gold standard.

I usually set the big weight on 150 and slide the other over until it balances. Today, for the first time in forever, I had to start with the large weight on 100. This is big news (or should I say smaller news) for me as I was way  too far over 160 at the start of 2012. My doing without my much-enjoyed evening glass of wine, and forgoing many tasty morsels, seems to be paying off.

I'm still doing intervals. I'm hurting myself several times a week in addition to my 16 mile round-trip commute. That may be helping. I'm starting to think I'll be ready for the Solvang Double Century and I'm even contemplating (I have a notion that I'm working into an idea) doing some others. Feasibility testing will began shortly.

I've also been harassed by my cycling colleagues to sign onto Strava. I was reluctant because it, basically, confirms how slow I am, and then posts it in public so I can be suitably ridiculed (feel free to join in.) I have the free account, but the suffer-fest score feature almost has me ready to sign up for the paid version. Here's today's lunch interval ride using their embedded feature. I may be slow, but my heart rate was high...


  1. Nice. I lost a bunch of weight when I started bike commuting. I don't ride intervals at lunch, but I think I might start once the weather warms up. I ride a folding bike that I store under my desk. The bike is right there...I've got no excuse...

  2. You are going to be so ready for The Solvang Double.
    Where did you this beast of a cyclist come from and what did he do with Curtis?


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