Monday, November 15, 2010

A true champion

Dan Edwards, perhaps one of the most respected, even revered, of the world's 50-plus sprint tri-athletes has acquired a new steed that promises to make him unbeatable in the California circuit.

The newly-equipped, Edwards, a feared opponent on any bike, will truly be the force to be reckoned with in the upcoming years.

After years of riding an antique bike — an all-steel model with downtube shifters that weighed about 40 pounds — just to taunt his competition, he's moved into the current century with a Kestrel RT-700 full carbon, highly-aero, high-tech ├╝ber-machine.

With it's internal cable routing and advanced design, this bike, though used by Rock Racing in the Tour of California as a road bike, is perfect for the fast-paced world of the sprint triathlon. The copper color alone will strike fear into the field. Coupled with the modern components it carries, like the American Classic 420 wheels, it seems hardly fair to let Mr. Edwards compete on it.

Edwards tested his new bicycle in the grueling hills near Millerton Lake outside of Fresno just last Saturday and pronounced it "acceptable."

Your humble blogger is grateful to have played a small part in this transaction, having provided said cycle and delivered it to the rendezvous point. Seeing this champion ride was without doubt the high point of my cycling life. Knowing that future races will take place on a bike that I myself once rode is like having a small piece of history-yet-to-be-written all to myself.

I raise a tire lever in salute to the indomitable Mr. Edwards! Ride on, sir!

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  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    The studular Mr. Edwards shall ride circles around the competition, now. To make this a fair and gentlemenly competition, Mr. Edwards shall ride with his tires partially inflated.

    Not even Kevin Sweeney stands a chance!

    Go Team Edwards.


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