Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day after Thanksgiving

Day after thanksgiving ride
Ron figured we all needed to work off Thanksgiving, so he planned a ride around Mt. Diablo via Morgan Territory, then up to the top. We didn't make the top, but managed the Junction at least. We're blaming three flats and a coffee stop for running short of daylight. LanceOldStrong and Steve joined Ron, Tricia and Taxi777 (aka Pete) and my own bad self for this ridiculous cold-fest. I really had no business attempting this as I've been busy gaining weight since my last double century, but I did it anyway.

We saw ice that looked like broken glass while climbing Morgan Territory. This mixed well with the cold sweat collecting around my glasses, creating a simultaneous too hot too cold sensory extravaganza.

It was worth it just to ride with friends, and have such wonderful autumn light.

Ron did a good writeup with photos on his site (Danger, annoying autoplay music.)

Pete did his usual crack-up job with his report too, so there's no reason for me to go hyper redundant here, except to post a few photos. Here's a small set on Flickr.

day after thanksgiving 2010_0212 pete flat 2

Elevation profile from Morgan Territory/Diablo Junction ride
day after thanksgiving 2010_0198 the gang

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  1. Thanks for the kudos ... but hey, the annoying auto-play music is part of the whole motif ... I want to ride my bicycle!


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