Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Red tires and Big Boss Man

BigBossMan Birthday ride_Red Tires
We finely got Tricia's red Valentine's Day tires and Williams wheels on her Ruby. Darn does that bike look sharp. Even better than before. We unveiled it to the public at a birthday ride for Bikeforums's Big Boss Man.

The company was grand, but the weather was cold as all get out. I found myself wishing several times I'd bundled up a lot more. Still the wonderful vistas and lack of cars made it all OK. We ended up clocking in at about 54 miles, and finished at Dublin Cyclery. Check, the owner rode with us and was kind enough to let us change clothes in his closed shop.

BigBossMan Birthday ride_BBM himself Big Boss Man himself

I was lost the whole time. I'd never ridden here before, but I sure will again.

Big Boss Man Birthday ride map click for readable size

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