Sunday, June 07, 2009

Diablo, Art & Wine, Cervello fail

Tricia, Joyce and I took a pleasant ride on a beautiful day. We went up Diablo Northgate, down the South, around Blackhawk, over to Lafayette, Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill. Fifty miles of enjoyable California beauty. Tricia and I followed up by cycling over to the Walnut Creek Art and Wine Festival.

We did have one interesting encounter. On our way though Pleasant Hill we were both passed unnecessarily closely by a rider in a full-tilt Cervello kit that matched his Cervelo bike. Then, even though he'd blown past, the gap never grew more than 100 feet. We caught him at a light, and he took off. I rode up next to him, mostly to check out the bike, and when he noticed me I could see him try to subtly drop the hammer. I just stayed next to him and said "Hi." He didn't respond, but he did try to burst away again, but couldn't. I could tell he was hating that some old guy was just riding next to him as he tried to show me how cool he was. Eventually he turned right where I turned left. All bike, no legs.


  1. Nice, you met one of the 3 Amigos... that was one of my first blogs ever.

    Unfortunately you seem to have violated some of the "roadie rules for bike commuting" by saying hi. All but #1 apply precisely to this experience. Best freshen up for the next encounter... :)

  2. Seems like we keep missing each other on the mountain--I, too, climbed up the North side on Sunday and down the South and did the Danville-Walnut Creek loop that Joyce has taken me on. (Hi Joyce!) On my second time up the north side I ran into our old friend the 'pink lady' and had an interesting conversation with her at the summit. By the way... seems like I missed you on the Davis Double again this year. Sounds like you had another great day.


    P.s. That wasn't me on the Cervelo, I promise.


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