Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lots of Bears

Bikeforums NorCal Matt along the Scenic Drive

I rode 8 of the 3 Bears this weekend.

Saturday was a Slowpoke ride that included 2 of the 3 Bears on Bear Creek Road. Tricia and went on that 34-mile fun-fest and had a grand time. A grand slow time.

When LanceOldStrong broke a shifter cable we stopped in at Sharp Bicycle in Lafayette to get a replacement. Tricia saw a jacket that was exactly what she'd been looking for. And being as it was only half price we bought it. Pretty swell, no?

Sunday I went out with 2 other NorCal riders and did 48 miles with 4717 feet of climbing. We did the Bears out and back, along Pig Farm Hill both ways and a loop through the Scenic Drive along the river near Martinez.
The weather was perfect. It was one of those "I love California so much" kind of days.Curtis and Matt along the river.

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