Saturday, April 18, 2009

Los Vaqueros Dam Time Trial 2009

The big news: Tricia took first in her group! First race, first medal. First in the family to get a cycling first. She wasn't even going to enter, but I talked her into it when we got there. As Tricia points out, it was a category of two. But that isn't her fault, and she did beat everyone who showed up. What more could she have done?

My goal was to better my 11:10 of last year; to come in under 11:00. This year there was a lot of wind and I thought I'd be in trouble. But I hit 10:51, and finished fourth in my group, 2.5 seconds out of third. Tricia has told me I must stop obsessing about that 2.5 seconds. But I can't. I left everything I had on the course. My heart rate was at 102% of what I had thought was my max for most of the way. It's amazing how much you can hurt in only three miles.

It was a delightful and fun day in the sun. The event was well run, and the other cyclists were fun to visit with. I'm already looking forward to the event next year.

It was also nice to see my two favorite local bicycle companies there supporting the event, The Brentwood Bike Company and The Wheel Peddler. Thank youz guys!

This was the second Dam Trial put on by the folks at the Contra Costa Water District Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Watershed I enjoyed the first, but this one was better. They had ankle bands that measured time, which was very nice. The Tee Shirts they gave out aren't white, which is a big plus in my book. They had food goodies and plenty of water. It was just an all-around well run event. Here's hoping it grows over the years.

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