Sunday, April 05, 2009

100 miles solo

Tricia went off to ride the Valley Sokesmen's Cinderella Classic, a women only ride, and left me on my own. My planned ride fell through, so I decided to make up my own adventure. I often sign up for century events, mainly because it seems safer to ride with a lot of other folks, and it's nice to have mechcanicial support and food stops. Today I decided to do it on my own. It turned out to be fun, and not particularly epic. I ended up at 101.7 miles and 6052 feet of climbing.

The route: My house in Antioch to Pittsburg and Bay Point, over the Willow Pass Grade on the bike path, down the freeway for a mile (Yes, it's legal for that short span,) on to Pleasant Hill near PH BART, out to Pig Farm Hill, over the Three Bears, Orinda to Lafayette to Danville, up the Southgate of Diablo, down the North, Back to Walnut Creek for lunch (met Tricia after her ride.) I BARTED back to Bay Point and rode home.

Sightings: The Pink Lady! I stopped and chatted a moment. I didn't ask her name, but her stuffed animal is named "Moosey."
Saw "jonathanb715" of bikeforums out on the Bears.
The poppies are out in force on Mt. Diablo. I love California!


  1. Hey Curtis, Funny you should mention the 'Pink Lady'! I rode up the Northgate side of Mt. Diablo twice on Sunday and saw her coming down on my first trip up. Small world!

  2. knottycarl9:12 AM

    I like that, solo centuries. I'm about ready to start in again to regain fitness lost a few weeks ago.

    Last year was doing Marshall or Bodega Bay from SF every Sunday, 100-135 miles.

    Solos are great for upping your overall speed because your on your own and no waiting around for anything.


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