Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cambria with hill and headwind

Our good friend Glenn (at least he was...) suggested the during our trip to Cambria we ride up Santa Rosa Creek road. It was beautiful, and away from auto traffic. But Glenn failed to mention that there are sections over 20%. Holy smokes. It was so uphill that in spots I didn't think I could get another pedal crank in. But Tricia and I made it, and it was wonderful.

I'm about 50 yards ahead of Tricia, and look how far below me she is.
That little sliver of blue on the left is the ocean!

The downhill afterward was wonderful. We ended up in descending into Cayucos and looked forward to riding up Highway 1 along the ocean back to Camberia. Alas, there was a huge headwind that made our 14 mile-ish ride back take forever. Maybe even longer. But at least it was cold as well.

For me, one exciting feature is that I made my Strava Climbing Challenge or 7500 meters.  Yep, a website made up a random number and then awarded me pixels Yet I'm thrilled. Pavlov in action I guess.


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  1. In my defense, I do recall mentioning there were some "challenging sections" on the Santa Rosa Creek climb :-).


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