Saturday, January 27, 2018

Artisanal small batch Diablo ride

What with Tricia out of town I figured I should get good and tired so I'd stay out of trouble. To that end I got together with Steve M, Glenn W and Dan (who named the ride) for a jaunt up Diablo.

I rode to BART in Bay Point, (a bonus 14 miles before the ride) then took the train to Walnut Creek where I met Dan and we headed for our favorite mountain, meeting Glenn and Steve along the way.

It was a great day to ride, and I managed to make my Strava Challenge goal of climbing 7500 meters (24,606 feet) in January.

Most of the time this blog is full of photos I made, and they're of Tricia. Today I had no Tricia, and was wearing gloves because I'm a cold-hand wimp. Fortunately Steve isn't, so there are a few photos of me he shot.
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