Monday, February 20, 2017

New titanium parts plus healing

If you haven't seen much cycling news on the blog lately, there's a reason. I'm still a daily bike commuter, but my favorite riding partner, Tricia, is busy recovering from a badly broken wrist.

Nope, it wasn't the bicycle that did her in. It was roller skating. After having a great time on the rink at her grandson's birthday party she left the floor only to be done in by the carpet outside the rink.

She had hoped to avoid surgery, but after wearing a wrap for two weeks she had an X-ray and  discovered it hadn't improved. The medical team operated and installed an impressively large titanium plate.

After two weeks in a pretty pink cast her arm is now free, but isn't fully functional yet. She misses her daily bike commute and hopes to at least get on the trainer soon.

As for me, solo fun rides just aren't as much.... fun. That, and all the rain, has made the start of 2017 a sub-optimal cycling year thus far.

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