Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tour della Vigne and Tour of California

What a bicycle weekend. The Tour della Vigne in Lodi and Tour of California in Sacramento.

I was sick on Friday night and thought I wouldn't be doing anything on Saturday, but we packed for the weekend just in case. On Saturday at oh-dark-hundred we left for Lodi, just because we'd already paid to ride the Tour della Vigne, even knowing that rain was forecast. 

I thought we should go for the shorter, less-than-onehundred-mile route, but Tricia pointed out the shorter routes all skipped the interesting climbs up around Lake Comanche and Pardee Reservoir. So we started on the long route, knowing that we could trim it just a bit, which we did. I suffered, but enjoyed it anyway. and we did 85 of the 100 miles. We had one now-classic exchange at mile70.

Curtis: I do not always ride in the wind, but when I do I prefer a tail wind. 

Tricia: Head winds Rock! 

Deaf Curtis: what?!?!?

Tricia: I FEEL DROPS. 

Then we got wet as the rain started to come down.

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It didn't last long, an we finished with beautiful weather.

After spending the evening with News10 media star Kellie and sleeping on her floor we woke up and rode to the final stage of the Tour of California. 

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We watched the men leave, enjoyed collecting swag at the "lifestyle festival"  and marveled at the women's circuit race around the capitol. 
Amgen Tour of California 2016
Guest photo by Jaime Young Tamrakar, who we ran into at the race, and whose men's event photos are better than mine, so you, gentle reader, do not suffer but instead benefit from her photographic skills.

A grand time was had, no papers were graded, and the weekend ended too soon.

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