Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marsh Creek Trail at Cypress Road in Oakley WTF

 Why are these signs here? They don't make my life safer or more easy. JeezelPete. Why not just a sign that says "Don't actually try to use this trial. Get a car. We hate you."

 Not that I'm bitter or anything.

 NOTE: I got an email form a Delta Peddalers Cycling Club member that kind of explains it:

 Several years ago I remember that the trail crossing at Cypress was built and included the, now turned off, crossing signals. The signals were only on for a couple of weeks and then turned off permanently. My understanding is that they were turned off because someone feared that when the trail users activated the signal traffic was backed up across the railroad tracks, trapping vehicles on the tracks when a train came along. It looks to me like there was a major lack of planning at that time and an even worse remedy the situation now. I would think that if citizens that live in Oakley would complain to the City Council something might get done. I doubt if very many people using the trail adhere to the signs saying to go to the crossing at Main Street.


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