Sunday, November 08, 2015

Giro di Vino 2015

Giro di Vino 2015Curtis all wet
This year's Giro di Vino was wet. Not too wet, but wet. At least near the end. We knew we were rolling the dice when we left for Lodi on Sunday morning. The weather reports called for rain, but it was unclear about when it would arrive.  We thought we'd get an early start because who doesn't enjoy wine for breakfast, and who doesn't enjoy starting a ride at 39 degrees?  We started early enough the first winery we rode to hadn't opened yet. We were early arrivers at the second where we found a few other cyclists huddled around the fireplace.

Young women in leggingsGiro di Vino 2015_0467

One thing about cyclists, we all think we look better than we really do in our cycling outfits. Some of us rock the helmet, gloves and shades even when tasting fine Lodi wines.

Wine drinker Giro di Vino 2015_0477

At Oak Farm Vineyards I harassed Tricia by FaceBook posting a photo of her with her wine breakfast.

Tricia morning wine Giro di Vino 2015_0483
Tricia was much classier and photographed her bike by the outdoor fire.

I also made a photo to contribute to the Facebook group "Look At My Bike Leaning Against Stuff." That giant bag is a Revelate Designs Pika Seat Bag. It unfolds even farther to hold more. I'm going to use it on tour this summer and thought I'd test it on this ride. It works, and held my rain jacket and pants with lots of room left over.
Oak Farms Winery Lodi Giro di Vino 2015_0487

Ripkin winery had their pet running about. I understand they are smarter than dogs, but, well, still...
Pig Giro di Vino 2015_0492

We carried along under threatening skies for many miles.
Tricia iunder dark clouds Giro di Vino 2015_0506

At the rides end Tricia was amused/annoyed/alarmed/appalled to find this sign. She posted it with the note: "I hate it when there's a liquor license on the loose! #englishteacher #wrongword "

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  1. A few random thoughts:
    (1) I am under no illusions about what I look like in cycling garb. It's just that I no longer care.
    (2) Tricia has always been classier than you - but you knew that.
    (3) I can see someone at Woodbridge, at the appropriate time, yelling "Release the liquor license!" to scare off unwelcome visitors.
    (4) MarcoPolo must have just missed early on. We got to the first winery just as it was opening. It was a brutal 1.4 miles from the start to that winery, too. Liquid refreshment was mandatory, :-)



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