Monday, September 07, 2015

Tarantellas, Retail Therapy, Recycling and More

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It's Tarantella season on Mt. Diablo. Though I've ridden there for years this is my first sighting. I understand it's not unusual, but it's still exciting.

Tricia and I had decided to tackle the ride up to the junction and loop back through Danville to see how I was recovering and so I could try out my new retail therapy IAM Cycling kit.

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I'd purchased this kit through the Chinese web site for about $40. Yep, $40. I wasn't expecting much, maybe just a "costume" quality kit I'd be willing to ride 5 miles in. Instead, I'm pleasantly surprised. I bought a large, with is ever so slightly too big, but if I slip and gain a couple of pounds it will be fine. The fabric seems first rate. The chamois a fine. There is a very small, odd triangle of white where I assume they made a printing error. How can this all be so inexpensive? I can guess they don't pay licensing fees, but still. Maybe I should be asking why nice bib shorts can cost well over $150. Though I don't see myself buying more of this stuff, it is a fun kit, even if it did take almost a month to arrive.
Why IAM Cycling? They're a Swiss-registered UCI WorldTour cycling team sponsored by IAM Independent Asset Management SA, a Swiss investment management company. I don't care about any of that, I just like the kit, and IAM Cycling sounds so cool.

Tricia, from a screen grab of my rear-facing Fly 6 video camera.

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On our way home we stopped by Sports Basement to drop off some old tires for recycling.  I tried to tell the sales clerk we were returning them because every one wore out after only a few thousand miles. He was mildly amused.

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