Monday, August 31, 2015

Photographing the Moon and bicycles

Tricia and the almost full moon v2
In honor of the full moon, a photo assignment I'd given my students, and just for fun, Tricia and I went out with bikes and cameras to make art.

The top photo is from the day after the Full Moon, when it rose 20 minutes after dark. I needed to use electronic flashes with radio triggers to light Tricia. It was all good until I discovered the darn radio triggers didn't have the range I needed and, when I lay on the ground for my best angle, the signal got lost entirely and would not fire the flashes. Tricia saved the evening by "holding" the Moon, or as I termed it, playing with the props. I got closer and it all worked out.

We were better prepared the day before, when the actual full Moon rises just after sunset. There was still color in the sky and enough light that I didn't need a flash. Unfortunately there were low clouds that turned the Moon into a rather indistinct blob. I still like the shot, but it's not what I set out to do. Maybe next month.
Tricia and the full moon behind clouds

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