Saturday, June 14, 2014

No sports at sports bar #bitter

Sad Tricia needs food. No luck at Tailgators. 
Maybe I'm just spoiled. When I ride my bike to Antioch's Okawa Japanese restaurant for sushi they graciously stash my bicycle in the back. When Tricia and I go to Antioch's Cocina Medina we park our bikes next to us on their patio. So when we thought "Beer, burgers and World Cup soccer on a patio at a sports bar" after our bike ride we figured we'd roll into Antioch's Tailgators and get similar treatment. After all, it is Tailgators Sports Bar. Surely paying customers with sports equipment would be welcome.

Apparently not so much. When we entered the front door we were shouted at by the distant bartender not to bring our bikes in;  that we could leave them in the bike rack (far away from the door, near the dumpster, in a perfect bike-theft zone.) We said we just wanted to leave them on their patio — the patio with not a single person was using.  Nope. No deal.

This, in a near-empty restaurant in a location that's failed several times before, can't be the best way to gain customers. At least it didn't work for us.

Tricia and I believe in local dining. We avoid chains and try to eat where we'll see the same staff and deal with owners that have actual names. Partly because we support local businesses, and partly because we think we get better food and service from real people and not faceless corporations.

We'd been to Tailgators twice before. They have a good beer list, the food is fine for pub/sports bar fare, and the wait staff was commendable. Heck, the staff was the main reason for our return visit.

But sorry excellent wait staff, no tips for you today.

We instead rode over to the lovely and delightful Cocina Medina, parked our bikes on the patio, enjoyed lunch (and a margarita!) and had a fine time.

Tailgators, we won't trouble you again.

I really want to park my bike here.
I got an email from a member of the local bicycle club:

Well, I did go by and the Gator did smile!
This seems to be the story:

The bike rack by the dumpster is largely used by the employees that ride to work.

There is a back gate (another CA secret path and secret menu thing) to the patio that is reached by a path around the back. The back gate is locked for security, but it will be opened and people with bikes will be helped to get around. It will not be locked back right away since they trust people with bikes (did not understand that part)
The manager I spoke to was surprised this was not offered and will make sure that all the greeters know. If they do not (or cannot be bothered) just ask for a manager.

Dogs (except service dogs) are not permitted on the patio and bikes in the restaurant are not permitted (even $5000 carbon fiber bikes) due to CA Health Code which currently does not make an exception.

The front patio will shortly have a low iron fence and chairs and tables and the bikes can be placed there and secured if you sit on that new future patio. (Apparently they need more quiet space for those of us who cannot hear or just want to talk to our wives or girlfriends).

It worked out OK, I hope. BTW - The number is 925.754.2277 and you can call ahead to order food so it will be ready when you get there - if you like to eat and run.

The Fixer, Bill Y

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