Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Delta De Anza Trail: Good news?

This may soon be this missing link: a connector bike path between Antioch and Oakley. #abouttime
This section of cracked pavement may soon be really swell
VIA the City of Antioch Environmental Resources Facebook page I learned that the weekly City Manager's report contained the following short sentence.

Delta De Anza Trail repairs (Viera Ranch Subdivision 7220, between Ridgeline Drive and Neroly Rd.) – Construction is scheduled to begin June 9th and to be completed August 8th.

Does this mean that at long last there will be a connector trail to Oakley so I don't have to risk my life on Lone Tree? That would be great.

I, as always, am a bit skeptical. I rode by there and there is some work going on, but it isn't on the trail itself, it's next to the trail. They are building a wall to keep dirt from washing where they don't want it. I didn't see any work being done on the trail itself.

Currently there is a trail there, but it's gated off and in ill repair. I've heard various tales about why it was never open for use; everything from the developers who constructed it didn't meet East Bay Parks specs to the Water District somehow torpedoing it.

But if it does actually get built and opened, it will be so extra very cool.

Here's the East Bay Park's page on the tail, with a pretty good map, and a screen shot from the area where the trail is being repaired (marked proposed here.)

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