Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tour de Trash, Antioch edition

Canada Vallry Road, Tour de Trash
Canada Valley Road, Antioch
I've posted about glass and boats in the bike lanes and about discarded baby baskets. But today it's just about regular garbage.

Hidden Glen Drive, Tour de Trash
Hidden Glen Drive
In our short Antioch Tour de Trash™ ride we saw so much illegal, immoral and annoying dumping it was amazing. We've heard it's independent trash haulers who, to avoid fees, just dump their clients crap any old place. Maybe that's true, but I'll bet there are just a bunch of losers who are doing it too. I wish our city would actively investigate these dumpings. They could at least look for names and addresses in the trash, and follow up. But maybe that's asking too much from our overworked city services, what with three shooting deaths this past month.

From couches to TVs, people dump the trashiest trash. There were even large plants dropped in the middle of the road at a dead end.

Country Hills Drive, Tourde Trash
No, it is not growing here.
You know these people are sick, sick, sick. Really, who but someone seriously mentally troubled would dump a Harold and Kumar DVD? That's like vandalizing a library book.

Canada Valley Road, Tour de Trash 2
Harold and Kumar land in Antioch

We only saw a few shopping carts, but next time perhaps we'll undertake an Antioch Shopping Cart Search ride and see what we can discover.

Glasgow Court, Tour de Trash

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  1. Thanks for writing about this topic and doing it so well! I hope that the following weekend you found the roads a little cleaner. Keep Antioch Beautiful Day on April 26 included over 200 volunteers working to pick up over 4.5 tons of litter and illegal dumping. And Republic Services can be called to piuck up any illegal dumping in public right of ways. If they find addresses in the stuff dumped, they refer them to the City. We send out Notices of Violation for the potential illegal dumping and if they don't have garbage service.


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