Monday, August 12, 2013

Post ride fueling

Cocina Medicina by Tricia
Photo by Tricia
You know you're in the right place when, after you park your bicycle on the patio and sit down, your waitress comes out and says "Your margarita is on the way, what else would you like?"

Along with her food, Tricia liked the shadow of her chair, and the way the light came through the cutout name of the iron back and played on the ground.

Cocina Medina, our just-down-the-street restaurant, is one of our favorite places to stop after a long ride when we're almost home. The have a patio we can ride our bikes on to without going inside, then we can sit outside so as not to frighten the other patrons with our lycra. They have great service and delightful food, and it's a joy to patronize a business run by real people and not some faceless distant corporation.

Highly recommended:  Fajitas, and of course, the margaritas.


  1. Midland1:04 PM

    Excellent, what's the point of a nice ride without good food & drink at the end. Y'all nailed it!

  2. "Slow and Painful Saturday" Margaritas are definitely indicated.

    Hey, I clipped a little piece of your famous 1975 photo for a bit I did on Summit signage in my latest post... please give post hoc appproval.


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