Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Babyless baskets and a bullet

Three babyless baby things
Photo by Tricia
On recent rides around Antioch Tricia has noticed a trend in roadside detritus: babyless baby holding objects. It caused such a degree of wonderment and perplexafacation that she stopped to photograph them. She wonders "Where have all the babies gone?" I have no answer.

I usually find bullets. And I found another one. This one, however, wasn't found in Antioch, but on a ride in Port Orchard, Washington. Unlike the live rounds I find locally, this one was used. I am unable to draw any conclusions from such a small sample size. But overall, I still wonder why I find bullets, and is this normal? I sure didn't find any growing up in Walnut Creek. Just sayin'.

another found bullet

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