Sunday, February 03, 2013

Pigs Bears and an Orinda Mystery Lake

Dan on Papa Bear
LanceOldStrong on Papa Bear.

Tricia had a teacher teaching thing on Saturday, so after I dropped her off 8 miles from the event (so she could get a ride in) I met up with LanceOldstrong for my first real ride since our New Years Diablo ride.

I'd fortunately scheduled it to coincide with his 10,000-foot week of hill repeats, so I was able to keep up and even pass on occasion. It was like a SCI-FI movie.

We rode a loopy loop that got us to Pig Farm and the Bears, then Dan, explorer that he is, took us up to lake in Orinda I didn't even know was there. You'll see it in the Strava track. It was quite a climb getting there. And it's fun to see how the rich live too.

All in all, a delightful day with amazingly good weather for a February.

Curtis and Dan at Orinda Lake
Curtis and Dan at the mystery lake
Tricia heads off to her teacher event.


  1. That first photo is incredible!
    Is that tilt shift done in post or a filter on your phone?

    1. It's an iPhone photo that got a lot (who knows, maybe too much) Photohop love later. Layers and masks and such. But thanks! I had fun doing it.

  2. Midland10:01 PM

    Love that Papa Bear shot.


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