Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Minute Metric

ccc 2 16 13 Morgan T. Collier Canyon 086

Still worn out from 92 miles the day before and annoyed I'd lost my vest, I was going out to hunt for it when I got a text asking if I wanted to ride Morgan Territory with Dan and Steve. What the heck, I abandoned my vest hunt, called Tricia and soon we were on our way to Concord to start our 69 mile jaunt.

Steve 2 16 13 Morgan T. Collier Canyon 193I didn't bring my camera, but Steve did. All the photos are his. (Thanks Steve!) Dan called our ride a "long slow distance" ride, but I was killing myself. I guess I was going pretty slow, though. Still, there was a goodly amount of "up" to explain the slow.

Part way up the Morgan Territory climb Dan suggested we stop at the small Jeremiah Morgan monument as usually we're in some all-important hurry and never have. I'm glad we did. It's always interesting to review a bit of California history. The day was slightly overcast, but not cold. Best of all, the consistant temperature meant no hauling (and losing) extra clothes. Tricia, riding with "da boys" again, was thrilled to get in such a good ride in mid February.  Just another day in paradise she said, before returning to Antioch.

ccc 2 16 13 Morgan T. Collier Canyon 102

The stop at Dickys BBQ in Livermore gave me strength and reason to continue, and the easy but annoying climb out of Collier Canyon was beautiful.

C and D 2 16 13 Morgan T. Collier Canyon 170

It was an easy ride back except for a few sprint hijinks on Danville Highway. We made it home with light to spare.

ccc and tricia 2 16 13 Morgan T. Collier Canyon 059

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  1. Midland5:26 PM

    We did have great weather and light winds. Made descending Morgan Terr. kinda gnarly (felt like I was falling in 1 part). Pretty good early season ride.


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