Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jenny Oh, my new hero

I while ago I saw a post and share on a friends Facebook feed concerning bike theft. I made a snarky comment pretending I thought the poster was offering suggestions on how to steal bikes. Instead of a cheap shot back I got a nice reply and a friend request from the author Jenny Oh. It turns out she is on a mission. A mission to stop bike theft and reunite people with their stolen bikes.

I asked her just what her story was, and if I could write her here. She wrote back, and even told me I could link to her Facebook page where she posts stolen bike photos she's hoping might be seen.

This past summer, my Ibis MTB was stolen. It was recovered by alerting the cycling community through social media, email, forums and other means. I wanted to give back to the cycling community by passing along the knowledge I gained through its recovery, as it seems many folks don't know what to do when a theft occurs. I'd also like to help crackdown on the problem overall. 
 I think she's me new hero. While I never want anyones bike stolen, if it is I hope I see it on her page and again in real life to I can be part of her recovery hero team. She's in SF, and concentrates her efforts there, but sometimes spills over into the greater region.

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    Thanks for sharing your good experience.


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