Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Morgan Territory and Junction Memorial Day

When you forget to take your iPhone and camera you can't make photos. Fortunately Steve brought his, and shared with me. Thanks Midland!

JoelS and his wife Bess from Bikeforums invited the BF crew to join them around Diablo on Morgan Territory and then climb Diablo. I'd been recovering from a calf muscle tear for two weeks and thought this ride, with multiple bailout points would be a good recovery test.

Tricia joined me and a whole slew of BF folks, including folks Joel brought with him. We took a pretty leisurely pace, which worked well for me.

I think I'm all better now. Or at least better. The ride felt good. On the climb to the junction from the Diablo South Gate I felt good enough to try working hard and managed hit several PRs according to Strava. Maybe this rest thing can work. I even hit a PR descending North Gate.

That's all I've got. No big adventures, no close calls, no epic Cat 6. Just a nice ride with friends.

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