Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tierra Bella — but wait, there's more!

Tierra Bella Jerseys 2

Tricia and I bought the Tierra Bella ride jerseys. Their cool design was one of the reasons we wanted to ride this century (report and photos in my last post). There was a small bobble of a problem with sizing, but the nice ride staff solved it for us. Tricia ended up with an extra-small the fits perfectly. Of course, we wore them the next day on our twenty-five-mile-recovery-ride-with-mexican-food.

Tricia mentioned  to me that she had a rare contribution to this blog. here it is:
"Guys, when you're using the potra-potty, there's a lock for a reason. Use it. I don't need to see your back side. And while I'm on the subject, when you stop for a natural, try to be a little more discreet."

She grew up with brothers and boys, so she isn't that all that sensitive, but as she says, "Come on guys, really?"

Medical report:
That darn strain in my leg bothered me too much all day long. Fortunately it bothers me the least when I stand and climb. But on long flats into a headwind every pedal stroke is a twinge. I'm doing all teh voodoo I can over the next week. Today's recovery ride didn't bother me much, so I still have hopes it will be magically healed for DMD in two weeks. Time for electro-stimulation... now.

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  1. Nice picture. Hope you will be fine for the rest of the days.


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