Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Jewels of Antioch and Pittsburg

I found this in my air-free tire when I got to work.
Scattered on my bike commute trail are diamonds. I think they are falling from the soles of her shoes, but I'm not really sure. Perhaps it's just the drunks tossing their bottles about. I do know that after a rain storm this stuff sticks to my tires really well, and often allow the air inside them to become air outside. In response to this situation I have several proposals.
  1. Diamond wearing be banned on multi-use paths. This seems harsh, but if they keep dropping them they shouldn't have them.
  2. Alcohol sold to minors in Antioch and Pittsburg should only be sold in plastic or cans, never in glass.
  3. The trail should be swept clean every five years, whether it needs it or not.
  4. Glass breakers (from now on referred to as "glass holes") be dragged through any glass they deposit on the trail.  Naked. Twice.


  1. I used to fight with the City of Antioch to sweep the crappy bike trails (and this is when they had a little money)--useless.

    One year I did about @500 miles in the Gold Country--no flats. Then first afternoon in 20 miles of Brentwood-Antioch trails--2 flats. Think it was the last time I rode on the Antioch Greater Megalopolis trails.

    1. I rode many many miles in Oregon, Washington, Canada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming last summer. One flat. Antioch streets aren't any better than the trails. It's all stickers/thorns and broken glass.


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