Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want this... or this.

Specialized Roubaix Expert Triple 2009

Specialized Roubaix Expert Triple 2010

I know it isn't about the bike. I don't care. Bike lust has no rational component. So here, I publicly announce my bicycle desires. Ever since Tricia got her Ruby I have looked upon it with a greedy eye. It's light, it's pretty, and it seems to work really well. I have therefore determined that a Robaiux would work just fine for me.

Part of it is that, even though I like my Kestrel RT-700 a bunch, I am getting a might older. I'm starting to think a triple might be a good idea. I'm planning to attempt a few really long rides with a bunch of climbing and perhaps some really low gears will make it more likely that I finish.

The Specialized Roubaix Expert has an all-Ultegra drive train and seems like a reasonable level to shoot for. I'd take an 09 or 10, new or used. I'm picky about the color — black white or black gray, and I need a 52 cm version.

If you know of a great deal on this bike, new or used, please post a reply or email me!


  1. I have the Roubaix Triple for a couple of years now; no complaints at all on this bike. I kinda wish I have the compact but that low gear comes in pretty handy where I live.

  2. Anonymous6:22 PM

    You should go see Ron at Schwinn City Bikes!

  3. I have seen Ron (what a nice guy) and he's looking around for a deal on an 09. Haven't heard back yet. I have another possibility going as well, but it seems increasingly less likely.


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