Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mid year stats

Our friends on Bikeforums.net keep mileage and climbing stats, but really, what the heck kinda stats are those?
Tricia and keep I stats, but we keep team stats for the two of us (because we're a team, darnit) and we only keep stats on important things, not the junk reported on BF.
Here are our totals for the year:
  • Flats per 100 miles (CA only) 2.5
  • Flats per 100 miles (not CA) 0
  • Caffeine consumption: 1 mg per 10 feet of climbing
  • Suicide squirrels: 10 squirrels per 7 miles (rural road only stat)
  • Liquid disposal stops per mile: .05
  • Hammer and Cliff products used: $.39 per flat tire
  • Floor pump strokes per month: 1376
  • Sunscreen: $2.32 per appendage per month
  • Glass shards sparkling like diamonds, per meter (Antioch): 1,765
  • Glass shards sparkling like broken crack pipes, per meter (Pittsburg): 1,764
  • Distance sprinting from dogs: .23 furlongs per fortnight
  • Ratio of money spent on commuter bikes and accessories vs money saved on gasoline: 8:1
  • Percent of in focus photos taken on bike: 21
  • Time spent riding vs time spent on BF (daylight only): 12.4:1
  • Chamois butter per mile: Ewwwwh. That's just gross


  1. You're much more organized than I -- I have no mid-year stats to post. Unless you count being released from physical therapy as a stat.

    Ride on,and watch out for those goatheads.

  2. Those are my kind of stats!


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