Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bike forum Nor Cal gang

I love Bikeforums.net. Not only have a learned a lot about parts and pieces, but I've made some nice real-world friends. Though the forum is an online community, the people in the NorCal section, being local, regularly organize rides. I've been pleased and amazed to discover that my favorite folks to cycle with are my friends from the virtual world of BF. The only problem I have is that we all get two names, our real names, and our online names. When you are as name challenged as I am, that can be rather rough.

I've been on BigBossMan's "Slowpoke" ride, Beaker's 1st BF NorCal Diablo KOM Challenge, Joel's NorCal Century, and rides in the Delta, around Diablo, through Marin, and along the coast that were just a delight.

Sunday was no exception. Tricia and I met Pete (Taxi777) for an excursion from SF, across the Golden Gate, out to Tiburon and back. It was a blast. We enjoyed the ride and fine company of Spingineer, Kontty and Ramon. It was grand. Thanks Bikeforums!

Maybe this internet thing will catch on.

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