Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tricia tells 'em

Tricia (MyLilPony) is not a sprinter. She's a metronome. No matter how far the ride she ends at the speed she starts, and rarely coasts or hammers. So I was a bit surprised -- even shocked -- when, on our morning ride, she hit the drops and blasted away from me.

Fine, I thought, and started working to close the gap, which wasn't closing nearly as quickly as I thought it should be. Then she hit a rise, stood up and applied more power. Jeezel Pete I thought as I did the same, breathing hard and not catching up.

Then suddenly at the top of a small rise she almost stopped, and, doing a near track stand, stood tall, and surveyed the area like a bird of prey. She suddenly swooped down on a woman and young child standing behind a car on a suburban driveway.

"Excuse me, but did you know how close you came to me back there?" she asked in a completely sweet and innocent tone.

"No." said the woman. "I'm sorry."

"I didn't think so." said Tricia, who went on to ask her to be careful out there.

What made it even more perfect was that the woman just happened to be unloading a child's bike, presumably for the child with her, from her trunk.

"You'll have a cyclist of your own soon. Do you have a helmet?"


Turning to the child she asked the little boy "Are you always going to wear it?" When he nodded, Tricia gave him a thumbs up and rolled off, without even calling out the "Ho Ho Silver" I was just about expecting.

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  1. Love this! Props to Tricia for her diplomacy and to you for an excellent write up.


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