Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Government bicycle plans, oh joy!

Does this sound sexy or what?
The Contra Costa Transportation Authority 2009 Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Public Review draft meeting.
And yet Tricia and I went with our friend Joyce to the bus station office to check it out.

If you ever wondered why government has so much trouble doing anything right, this meeting would have confirmed your concerns, but not provided a lot of hope for the future. What with overlapping state/county/city jurisdictions, agencies with conflicting concerns wrestling over limited funds and a general lack of interest in many communities, it may be the most amazing thing is that anything happens at all. Ever.

The big bottom line for us in Antioch is that the report shows that our city has spent zero money on bike or ped projects in the past five years. That's right. Nothing. Our neighboring cities, Brentwood and Pittsburg have some work going on, but Antioch has nothing. They've even removed some bike lanes.

Antioch doesn't even have have a bicycle/pedestrian advisory committee.

Though the CCTA does get some funding, it turns out cities have to apply for it. My guess: Antioch won't. Let's see what happens.

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