Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bike forum Diablo Ride

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I met a few riders I know from the cyberspace land of for a ride. We went From Danville up the South gate to the junction, down the North gate, out to Clayton and around the "back side" of Diablo via Morgan Territory Road and back to Danville. We did 60-some miles and a ton of climbing. It took most of the day as everyone was very kind and we didn't drop anyone. I had a blast.
Here a slide show of photos via flickr.
Below is a live Google map of the ride

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  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Howdy Curtis,

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    Get paid to be a companion rider with a mentally handicapped man. He is such an enthusiast and his doctor says he needs the exercise. He lacks good old horse sense to ride alone. For years my adult cousin has longed to experience to joys of riding a road bicycle again. Back in the 80’s he got a Trek and I remember how much he treasured riding around his home. Stuff got in the way and he hasn’t ridden since.

    Wanted: Someone that can ride with him twice a month, anywhere you choose near his home in Antioch. We recently purchase a nice bicycle for him and he is anxious to get going. But here is the “glitch” - I don’t ride and he needs someone to ride along with him. Call for the details of compensation --- Patti Lyles 831-335-2100


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