Thursday, May 03, 2007

Forte saddle &%^$#@

I bought a Forte saddle from Performance. It looks cool it rides very comfortably, and it weighs just over 200 grams. Not bad. But... There's always a but...
The stitching on the raised logo is so coarse it destroyed my bib shorts in 100 miles. I am so mad. It sent the saddle and shorts back to Performance. I asked for a refund on the saddle and a new pair of bib shorts. Will Performance come through for me? What saddle should I get? I'm watching a couple of eBay auctions. Apparently If I want a Specialized seat I need to measure my "sit bones." Will their 130 or 143 mm seat fit me best? I will not be uploading photos of the measurement process.
UPDATE: Performance sent email saying they are sending new bibs!
UPDATE 2: New bibs are here, but I'm still waiting for the saddle refund.
UPDATE 3: They credited my member account with points, which is great!

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