Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Ice in the California Bay Area? Yep.

I'm in the far reaches of the California Bay Area where really cold is 40 degrees. Sure, it sometimes gets close to freezing, or even freezing, but it's usually really dry.

I've been riding the same commute for many, many years. For the first time a short wooden bridge I ride over all the time had ice. Invisible ice, which is still as slippery as regular old visible ice. It was cold and wet, but the roads just had puddles.

I turned onto the bridge, and still in the process of turning had my front wheel slide out from under me. Not slowly, just boom.

I got away with a bunch of pain and bruises. And my ever so nice Showers Pass jacket can no longer be worn to formal events.

But there's no climate change, right?

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