Sunday, November 13, 2016

Partial band reunion tour

Lancd Oldstrong gathered Steve, Tricia and my own bad self together for a reunion tour. We haven't ridden together in ages, and it sure was about time.

We got in 75 miles, from Concord up to an obscure wine region in Suisun Valley.

The most dramatic thing all day was the amazing California November weather. It was prefect. I did get a bottle of wine and managed to fit it in my water bottle holder.  Tricia and I may have to go back with our trailer and do some more serious wine shopping.

A photo posted by curtis corlew (@cccorlew) on

A photo posted by curtis corlew (@cccorlew) on

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  1. Great to see y'all again. Frontage roads are a bit dull, but once you get to the vineyards it's wonderful.


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