Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Alps Chaos tent set up in 18 seconds

Why no posts lately? I've been out riding my bike, specifically from South Lake Tahoe to Portland! That's 990 miles including our Tahoe warm up days, along with 58,341 feet of climbing over 23 days that included a train ride home.

Tricia and I got a new tent for the trip, and we like it a lot. We can set up the Alps Chaos in 18 seconds, if we have a little help from iMovie.

Endless photos and posts to follow.

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  1. Doug Biggs8:27 AM

    Holly crap! I saw you in Portland on Multnomah street last Thursday evening. I recognized the northern CA jersey first. (I have your 50+ and Northern CA jersey. I assumed you were up there for the STP ride. I look forward to more details on this latest adventure!


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