Monday, December 07, 2015

Commuter Curtis vs Truck

First off, I’m OK.

During my bike commute on On Thursday December 2, 2015 I was in a collision with a truck. Miraculously, I am only badly bruised, though my bike is totaled. The driver stopped, and helped me get my bike out of the road, but the left scene before the police and ambulance arrived. It’s hard to piece together exactly what happened.

My shoulder hurts enough right now, and has limited mobility, so I won't be riding too soon. And it's going to play havoc with my tennis game.  But I'm not dead! Just a few inches more and I don't think I'd be typing this.

Jim McFarland of the Wheel Peddler Mobile Bike Repair came by and pronounced the frame bent beyond use or repair, as well as noting most components were also wrecked. 

I'll be bike shopping soon. Who am I kidding, I’m bike shopping already. I’ve also added up all the extra broken pieces and it comes out to more than I would have thought. Panniers, a rack, and fenders add up quickly.

I hope to be commuting again soon. Right now I’m planning to be on my fixed/SS bike using a back pack or messenger I guess. It's not my favorite way to transport my things, but at least I'll be on the bike.

After my emergency room visit I got a ride to the college before my classes started. I told my students I'm ordering a shirt that says "Hit by truck, got to class on time. Tell me your excuse again.”

I've had a lot of support and love from friends and Facebook. Thanks to all of you for helping me through this.

Right now I just want to put this behind me — at least as much as I can what with the need to replace my bike and accessories — and heal so I can ride again. 


  1. Midland10:21 AM

    Dang your having a tough year on the bike. My condolences Curtis. You should be rewarded for not driving...not hit because of it. Hope you heal quickly and completely. Building up a new commuter bike with everything you need can I hope be therapeutic and healing.

  2. Wow, I didn't know about this. I actually found out from cyclicious, and I'm just glad you are ok. I echo Midland's sentiment ... really tough year, for both of us on the bike. Although I think you got the worst of it ... bike being totaled. But I'm sure you'll be back on the bike before we know it. I guess no DMD for 2016.


    Take care buddy.


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