Sunday, May 17, 2015

Amgen Tour of California 2015

I think I've hit almost every Tour of California. This year Tricia and I went to the opening day in Sacramento. It was a tough call; whether to try and catch the peloton crossing the Rio Vista bridge and hope for a great photo op, or go to the festivities in Sacramento and see the women's race too. Sacramento won.

 We took our bikes and met our friend Kellie a few miles away, then rode to the start. It turns out I didn't need 80 pounds of locks after all; there was free valet bike parking.

We also tried to ride through the finish line, which is kind of like throwing a football around on the field just before the Super Bowl. We were politely shooed away.

We had fun looking at all the stuff to buy. Tricia was bike jersey shopping for her son's one-year-old. 
Kellie fell in love with a Bianchi.

After the men left for their large loop and we finished watching the women race the city circuit we went to lunch. We rode back to downtown just as the men flew in. We were able to watch the race finish from a delightful beer bar where we could see the actual race go by and watch the TV finish at the same time. The only thing that was less than wonderful: I brought the wrong camera, so I don't have the cool photos I'd hoped to have.

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