Monday, November 10, 2014

Carquinez Scenic Drive reopens

Carquinez Scenic repoens fence
I rode Carquinez Scenic Drive back in the 70s and 80s. Even after the road washed out and it was officially closed to traffic it was still bikeable, and fun. Eighteen months ago or so it closed so that East Bay Regional Parks could fix it up, and open it as a trail. Now it's open again to walkers and cyclists. Here's more information.

There's still some auto traffic at the ends, but the middle it closed to cars, and because it isn't a through road, the only auto traffic is people headed out to walk or ride. Once you get past the gate there are no cars at all.

Tricia and I enjoyed the views, as we always do, and were happy with the smooth pavement in the areas that used to have giant wheel-swallowing gaps. But be aware, the roads leading up to the gates still sport some large cracks.

As wonderful as the new pavement is, there are also new fences installed. I imagine this makes the trail more child-friendly, but it also makes the trail feel enclosed. I also miss the wonderful graffiti that used to cover the road.
Before the repairs it was more of an adventure
moon face on road
I miss the art that was "cleaned up."
Carquinez Scenic repoens sign
Still, it's great to have the trail open again. We rode it as a 20 mile loop, but tossing it into the classic "Two-Bridges" loop will make that ride even better too.

And as a bonus, though not actually on the scenic drive, there are gargoyles on the climb out of Port Costa.
Carquinez Scenic repoens gargoyles


  1. Wow, that looks very nice.

  2. gaucho7773:50 PM

    Thanks for the blog post. Looks great. I live in Berkeley, and will definitely try to incorporate this loop into my rides. -Cheers, Randy (gaucho777 on


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