Saturday, August 16, 2014

Washington Cascades, Day 9, Wenatchee to Forks

Forks Rain forest Washington Cascades 2014_0268
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With fires sweeping through Washington and our planned destination, Winthrop, completely closed and off the grid, I assumed we'd sit tight and wait. After all, natural disasters are beyond the control of Adventure Cycling, the tour company for our two-week ride through the Washington Cascades. But our leaders Heather and Greg had other ideas. Instead of doing nothing, they bundled us up and drove us to the Olympic Peninsula, home to a rain forest and, perhaps more importantly to 13-year-old girls (though we had none with us, so this is just a theory) home to Forks, the setting for werewolves and vampires in the Twilight novels and books.

If there had been no fires, our group would never have seen the inside of the tour van; we'd have ridden every mile of our tour. Instead, we got to take a long drive. While I wasn't thrilled about being stuck in a vehicle, I was very thrilled about our alternate plan. And really, the van ride wasn't too bad, and was even reasonably comfortable. I just slept a lot.

The Van, or ship of fools Washington Cascades 2014_0255
When we got to Bogachiel State Park just south of Forks, it was stunning. It wasn't even raining, a pleasant surprise for a rain forest. The campground itself seemed magical and impossibly green.
Tricia in rain forrest Washington Cascades 2014_0287 copy

Curtis goes Twilight Washington Cascades 2014_0274It had been a long drive so it was a bit late to take a serious ride, but Tricia and I saddled up and rode out to explore Forks. They've done what they can to take advantage of their Twilight fame. There are a few cheesy stores and tours available, but the whole Twilight fad seems to be on the edge of fading away. Still, the visitors center does have a signed, but fading, movie poster hanging in their window.

I wanted to make a photo of Tricia in front of the Forks town sign holding a knife and spoon, but we lacked the necessary props.

Forks Washington Cascades 2014_0273
We did a little exploring by bike and discovered a charming little town. I love this house. It's somehow just perfect. If I ever make a movie this house will be in it.
Forks perfect house Washington Cascades 2014_0277
Back at camp I never stopped marveling at the setting. Try clicking my panorama to see it full screen. It looks so much better big.
Foks camp Washington Cascades 2014 Forks Bogachiel State Park iphone_0618
Bonus photo of the forest, just being all foresty awesome, and because everybody needs some fisheye every now and then.
Fisheye trees Washington Cascades 2014 iphone_0615

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