Saturday, July 05, 2014

Totally completely positively 100% all white Maxis Re-Fuse tires

White tires were on sale, and they seemed to go with my white bike and white spokes. I figured I'd better photograph them now while they're still white.

I had black tires. Then I got a set of nice Schwalbe Ultremo tires with a subtle ivory stripe. They were swell tires, but when Michelin came out with white wall Service Course 4 tires I couldn't resist.

Then I saw these totally white Maxis Re-Fuse tires, on sale no less. I couldn't pass them up. I still use the Michelins on my Power-Tap wheels, but I think these look swell on my Roval Fusée wheels with their several ornamental white spokes.

A responsible person might ask if white tires are a good idea, and if they'll stay white. That person wouldn't be me. I have a black saddle and black bar tape. That's as sensible as I'm willing to be.  But if an excuse is required, I'm going with this: I'm a really white guy, and all the white on the bike makes me look more tan. Yeah, that's it, more tan. And I'm pretty sure these tires will stay white for at least 50 yards or so.


  1. Slammin!

    As someone with a white saddle, allow me to warn you about chain grease... it seems to find its way onto anything white.

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