Monday, January 20, 2014

Morro Bay, Journalism conference with bonus bikes and wine

Perfumo Canyon, Morro Bay Rock, Tricia
That little dot at the bottom of the photo? That's Tricia, with the Morro Bay Rock in the background. We go to a Journalism Association of Community Colleges faculty conference every year, and usually leave Sunday at noon. This year, due to Monday being a holiday we stayed an extra day to get a chance to ride Perfumo Canyon. What a beautiful place, with a wonderful, but sometimes almost-too-steep climb, and stunning vistas. We need to go there someday just to ride.

Curtis and Tricia wine JACC Morro Bay 2014_0559The central coast, like all of California, is suffering from the drought. The hills that were vibrant green last year are merely brown now, and not even that California golden-flavored brown, just brown. The weather was a delightful high 70s, but I almost felt guilty enjoying it. Almost, but not guilty enough to skip riding. 

As always, we also managed to get out for a taste of local Paso Robles wine and a bit of local cheese. 

And, yes, the conference was great too. From the hands-on mobile journalism workshop to the legal updates speaker, JACC knows how to put an event.

Tricia, Rock, JACC Morro Bay 2014_0523

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