Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Diablo Challenge 2013 results, comments and questions

The actual official results for the Diablo Challenge 2013 are in.

Read about my attempt here, in my previous blog entry.

My Results
I placed 302 out of 507 total riders
In my age division I was 13 out of 34, with 1:15:34
The fastest overall guy was Nathaniel English with 44:24
The fastest woman was Flavia Oliveira with 49:45
The fastest guy in my age division was Jim Fox with 1:00:44

I've also had a few more thoughts and items to post after my last entry.

Overkill things I did to get my bike ready
I installed lightweight latex tubes. I think I can feel a smoother ride, but it may just be placebo effect in action.
I took off my extra water bottle and cage
I took off my pump and small seat bag. I kept them in my backpack, so the only danger was flatting on the way up, which would have wrecked my day anyway.
I don't know if it mattered, but I did notice my bike felt lighter, and just as importantly, looked totally cool.

After my post on the ride I couldn't stop thinking about it, I have...
Stupid post ride questions
So, I managed 1:15. What would it take to hit an hour?
I can imagine two ways.
1: Less weight. I got my weight down to 139, and took stuff off my bike. How much weight would I have to drop to make the hour? Even if it isn't possible, there must be a number.
2. More power. How many more watts would I need to produce? I hit a 193 average for the entire ride. How many more watts to break an hour?
I'll bet there's a calculator somewhere...
11.1 miles
3261 feet of climbing
140 pound rider
18 pound bike
To reduce time by 15:36 one would (fill in blank)

I don't actually think this is possible, it's just a theoretical question...

So, in search of truth and justice, I posted my questions in the Road Section of Bikeforumes.net right here. It's an good thread.

I got amazingly well thought out answers, especially considering the well known snark factor in the forum.

It looks like the answer is somewhere around 256 watts using coastsci.org/Power/ClimbCalc. and staying at my current weight.

Or I can get my weight down to 103 pounds...

I don't see either being possible, but it's fun to dream.

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