Thursday, June 13, 2013

Antioch adds boats to bike lanes

Two boat bike lane hell
At my home we've worked out a reasonable and equitable division of labor. I am "Eeyore." She's Ms. Positive. I am a crank and easily annoyed, she is generous and forgiving. But sometimes events conspire to push Tricia out of her peaceful zone and into my territory. The territory of the perturbed. These events are upon us now.

I think the combination of all the cyclist hate in online newspaper story comments, the claim auto drivers make that "The cyclist just swerved out in front of me for no reason, so I hit 'em" and the increasing volume of glass along Antioch streets is what did most of the physic damage. But that last straw? It's the flagrant ignoring of and lack of respect for bike lanes. Apparently it's perfectly all right to park any big ol' thing in a bike lane here without fear of legal reprisal. (See also)

She has become so agitated that she's taken to stopping her ride, yes, actually stopping and getting off the bike mid-ride, and making photos.

I have assured her that doing so, and having me blog her photos, will surely result in a correction to these unseemly, unfortunate and disturbing incidents.

So, if it's you breaking glass on the street, or parking in the bike lane, please heed my plea: Cut it out.
Thank you.

bike lane trash in Antioch

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