Monday, September 17, 2012

Northern California, Italy

I have a couple of jerseys from Italy, so it seems only right that Italians have a jersey from Northern California. And now, thanks to Steve (AKA Midland) they do. It seems he has managed to get his brother, an Italian resident, hooked on cycling and then sent him a jersey. Why should I care? Because it's the jersey I designed, and now it's in ITALY, that's why.

When she saw this photo, Tricia immediately suggested we take our Northern California jerseys there for a ride. I like that idea. Please send all contributions to out Italian vacation to this web site. 


  1. Midland10:51 PM

    I say let's take everybody who has a Nor Cal jersey to Italy for a ride.A ride after we eat of course.

  2. Midland8:47 PM

    No,no..... first you go for a nice long ride and then you EAT,DRINK and be very Merry.

    Glad to be representin' Nor Cal with your sweet jersey Curtis,the locals dig it !

    All you Nor Cal jersey wearers c'mon over to Italy and we'll ride as a team !

    Happy-safe riding,

    Jeff (Barletta,Italy - Midland's brother, Racer X on Strava ).

  3. Cool! Funny, Ruth and I bought local jerseys from a bike shop in Florence and wear them here :)


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