Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hobo Roads half-a-hundred

Hobo Roads half a hundred_Dan

LanceOldStrong, featured prominently in this blog, is well on his way to recovering from his June Mt. Diablo crash. He's been riding again for a while now, but today was his longest since "The Event."

Hobo Roads half a hundred_Erotic Ball and gunsMidland plotted a route, that though not pretty on paper, works out very nicely in reality. He piloted Tricia, Mr. OldStrong and my own bad self for fifty-five miles headed out over the Benicia Bridge, with not much climbing, but a ton of wind. It looks very California, with a nice mix of industry (ok, not the prettiest part of the day,) wetlands, and some beautiful oak-covered golden hills. Dan deemed it the "Hobo Roads Half-a-Hundred" for the parts that passed through the less than stellar areas.

We all had a grand time, and actually worked reasonably hard, as evidenced by our Strava suffer scores.

Highlight of the day for me was a delightful sign informing me I could attend an erotic ball, and go to a gun show. I can only hope I have money for both...

Hobo Roads half a hundred_Tricia
Photo by Midland. Pretty neat jerseys, huh? 


  1. midland11:31 PM

    As always, it's a privilege and a pleasure to ride with y'all. Glad you enjoyed the route, nice to get LanceOldstrong riding hard to complete his road to full recovery.

  2. Wow, head wind really jacks up the heart rate and the suffer score. Funny, I never felt like I was suffering. On a sunny day with challenging and changing terrain with good friends, lox, goat cheese and gourmet crackers for lunch. That is not suffering. Thanks for the escort.


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