Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cycling cures back pain

Cycling cures back pain. Or at least doesn't make it worse.

I've been hard on my body lately. About the time I recovered from my torn calf I tweaked my back. I'd promised myself to not move anything heavy when I worked in the yard, but bags of soil are big. And heavy. So I moved them and trashed my back. A bit of tennis the next day didn't help, and I ended up laying around Saturday with spasms and pain.

Sunday I tried riding. It turns out that riding a bike hurts less than turning over in bed, or even watching TV.

Tricia and I joined Joyce, who we haven't ridden with enough lately, for a near-forty mile ride through Central Contra Costs. We've been in a wind storm for a week, and it was nice to ride in relative calm. Franklin Canyon and the Carquinez Scenic Loop are as pretty as ever, and I felt just fine right up until we got off the bikes.


  1. I tried cycling at it was really great. That day must be full of excitement to both of you. Keep it up!

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    1. Wow! Someone reads my blog! Even if it is just a spammer.


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